Security Awareness and
Crime-prevention programs

 The safety and security department believes it is more beneficial to prevent crimes than to react to them. The primary means for accomplishing this goal are our crime prevention programs. 

Security awareness and crime-prevention programs

 These programs are based on the concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities and encouraging students, faculty and staff to be responsible for their security and the security and safety of others. The following crime prevention programs and projects are employed by KCAI:

Personal safety escort program

The college's personal safety escort program escorts for persons walking on campus or traveling from the campus to the parking areas during all hours when personal safety is a concern.

New student orientation

A crime-prevention program, accompanied by brochures and videos, is presented as a part of orientation at the start of each academic year. Security staff and outside law-enforcement agencies conduct the presentation, with an open-question format.

Facilities surveys

This program to identify and correct deficiencies in exterior lighting, locking hardware and safety of the grounds is conducted by the department of safety and security on an ongoing basis.

Operation Identification

The OI program of engraving serial numbers, Social Security Numbers or owner-recognized numbers on computers, bicycles and other valuable items is coordinated by the department of safety and security. Engravers are made available to members of the campus community free of charge.

Awareness programs and presentations

Awareness programs and presentations are provided in conjunction with the office of student life, the Student Living Center, local law enforcement agencies and the department of safety and security on crime prevention or security-related topics such as auto theft prevention, personal safety on campus, rape prevention and reporting, crime reporting and subject identification, fire safety, protecting your possessions, residence hall security, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, date rape prevention, auto safety and security on the road.

Safety and security meetings

Safety and security meetings are held on a monthly basis. A select group from staff, faculty, students and security personnel address safety and security concerns of the entire campus community.

Compliance with the Campus Security Act

According to federal law, specifically the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act of 1990, the KCAI department of safety and security is required to report "statistics concerning the occurrence on campus of criminal offenses reported to local police agencies, or to any official of the institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities."

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