Past Exhibitions at Cohen

2010 exhibitions

"Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books"

Oct. 9 – Dec. 4

"Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books" featured a collection of miniature books from 140 artists from around the world. Organized by Hiu-Chu Ying and Alicia Candiana, each artist was commissioned to create an edition of six books on the theme: "Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books." Laura Berman, associate professor of printmaking at KCAI, was a participating artist. Berman worked with a KCAI class and the Artspace staff to organize the exhibition’s presentation at the Artspace.

A website ( and catalogue accompanied the exhibition.

2008 exhibitions

"Selections from the Collection: Limited Edition Artist Books and Rare Prints from the Kansas City Art Institute Permanent Collection"

Feb. 23 through April 5, 2008

2007 exhibitions

"Selections from the Collection: KCAI Impressions"

March 30 through 31, 2007

Curated by Heather Lustfeldt, assistant curator.

Held in conjunction with “Collecting Ink” and the SGC Conference, this project included a special display of limited edition artist books and rare prints on view in the studio space. Viewers were invited to browse books and view prints in custom display cases.

2006 exhibitions

"A Room of My Own"

Oct. 28 through Dec. 20, 2006

Curated by Heather Lustfeldt, assistant curator.

Featuring a range of non-western objects, "A Room of My Own" was an intimate, immersive exhibition flavored with aspects of history, anthropology and fiction. Inuit, African and Oceanic objects from KCAI’s permanent collection were joined by a selection of unique objects and artifacts from the collections of Union Station in Kansas City, the Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City and rare books from KCAI’s Jannes Library.

Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s essay "A Room of One’s Own," the exhibition celebrated the imagination and wanderlust of resources and a private space for contemplation and creation. Immersions of study, play, fact and fiction came together in an enchanting environment with an aura of mystery. The exhibition was accompanied by an exhibition narrative and gallery guide.

"The Reading Room: Graphic Novels"

Jan. 28 through March 18, 2006

Curated by Mark Spencer, director of creative resources at Hallmark Cards, and Brockett Horne, assistant professor of graphic design and Illustration at KCAI.

"The Reading Room: Graphic Novels" was the second show in a series of interactive exhibitions presenting a variety of books and reading materials. Highlighting graphic novels oriented toward humor, sardonic wit and irony that accompanied the main exhibition "Humor Me," the resource room's exhibition invited viewers to browse and experience a variety of work drawn from important local and national collections.

2005 exhibitions

"Chicago Style: Imagery and Influence"

Aug. 6 through Sept. 23, 2005

Curated by Heather Lustfeldt, assistant curator.

A selection of work that included artists from Chicago and work from the Chicago arts scene that augmented and influenced successive generations of Chicago artists. This selection of work offered a taste of Chicago style, which is tied in part to the lasting influence and impact of the Chicago Imagists, a movement born in Chicago in the 1960's. Artists featured included Tony Fitzpatrick, Ed Paschke, H.C. Westermann, Robert Lostutter and Peter Saul.

"Good Work"

June 1 through July 16, 2005

Curated by Brendan L. Meara, Artspace Block intern.

This exhibition featured recent work by the artists who assisted Ghada Amer with the creation of her two large-scale paintings during her residency at the Artspace. Artists included Audra Brandt, Jennifer Boe, Callyanne Casteel, Erin Dahl, Peter Demos, Burak Duvenci, Heather Hendrix-Russell, Hadley Johnson, Lisa Kettlewell, Anna Meyer, Anne Muntges and Jaimie Warren.

2004 exhibitions

"Making Meaning: The Artist Book"

Sept. 17 through Dec. 4, 2004

Curated by Heather Lustfeldt, assistant curator and Laura Berman, assistant professor of printmaking at KCAI.

A collaborative project that featured artist books from the permanent collections at the Kansas City Art Institute’s Jannes Library and the H&R Block Artspace; select work by KCAI alumni and current students; work from the Kenneth J. LaBudde Special Collections Department of the Miller Nichols Library at the University of Missouri-Kansas City; and pieces from the Booklyn Artist Alliance in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, N.Y..

"Selections from the Collection: Craig Subler and James Drake"

March 1 through April 3, 2004

Curated by Heather Lustfeldt, assistant curator.

The exhibtion featured selections from Craig Subler's suite of prints, "Enola Gay: The Exterminating Angel," and prints from the collection by James Drake.

2003 exhibitions

"Selections from the Collection: Summer Paintings"

June 7 through Sept. 6, 2003

A summer exhibition which included paintings by artists Francisco Camps-Ribera, Larry Johnson, Wilbur Niewald and Paul Wonner.

"Storyline: Inviting Narratives"

Feb. 1 through March 26, 2003

Curated by Heather Lustfeldt, assistant curator

This exhibition featured a selection of works on paper that invoked various idioms of storytelling and were selected from the Kansas City Art Institute’s permanent collection. Storytelling invites ideas of imagination and magic, often with the use of playful, fictional or anecdotal sensibilities. The works on view conjure journeys based in imagination, thought and play while also provoking a dialogue on serious issues. Artists included Eldred Aethelred, Terry Allen, Alice Aycock, Tony Fitzpatrick, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert E. Smith, H.C. Westerman and Alan Winkler.

2002 exhibitions

"The Reading Room, One"

Oct. 26 through Dec. 18, 2002

Curated by Raechell Smith, director of the Artspace.

This interactive exhibition featured selections of design and reading materials by invited participants, including James Brinsfield, Maria Elena Buszek, Kate Hackman, Steve Maturo, Derek Porter and Raechell Smith.

"Selections from the Collection: Process in Printmaking"

Sept. 7 through Oct. 16, 2002

Curated by Heather Lustfeldt, assistant curator.

An exhibition of prints from the permanent collection that featured a range of printmaking processes. A result of the 2002 high school residency program at KCAI, the exhibition included work by Chuck Close, Richard Diebenkorn, Vernon Fisher, Tony Fitzpatrick, Peregrine Honig, Tom Huck, Archer Prewitt, Larry Rivers and H.C. Westermann.

"Innovations in Ancient Japanese Pottery"

Feb. 2 through April 3, 2002

Curated by Amalia Mariño, Artspace Block intern.

Drawn from the Kansas City Art Institute’s permanent collection, this exhibition was based on the Cummins Collection of Sue Ware ceramics from Japan. Sue Ware was produced from the third to the seventh centuries A.D. and represented a time of great innovation in Japanese ceramics – including the first time a wheel was used and the first time stoneware clay was taken to high-fire temperatures in Anagama kilns.

"Selections from the Collection: Modern Portraiture"

October through February 2002

Curated Heather Lustfeldt, curatorial assistant.

This selection of portraits from KCAI's permanent collection illustrated three different approaches to portraiture: Academic romanticism in the works of Jean Jacques Henner and John Douglas Patrick; Moses Soyer’s social realism and less academic approach to painting;  and the classicism which pervades illustrator Daniel MacMorris's depictions of high society.

2001 exhibitions

"Selections from the Collection: Fantasy as Reality"

Feb. 17 through April 25, 2001

Curated bu Derric Eady, Artspace intern

This exhibition examined the serial format employed by artists in creating suites and portfolios and presented a cross-section of contemporary art from a recent period in art history. From the Minimalism to Abstract Expressionism, from New Image sensibility to Pop Art, this exhibition will focused on a dynamic decade in American Art. Artists included Kenny Ashcraft, Patrick Clancy, Bill Cochrane, Scott Conger, Steve Cromwell, Mitch Deck, Shari Hartbauer, Carole Nicholson and Gary Sutton,.

2000 exhibitions

"Selections from the Collection"

September through November 2000

Curated by Heather Lustfeldt, curatoral assistant

An exhibition of works from the permanent collection related to ghosts and notions of the ephemeral. Artists featured were Terry Allen, John Buck,  Leslie Dill, Vernon Fisher, Joel Peter-Witkin, Dennis Oppenheim and H.C. Westermann.

1999 exhibitions

"Selections from the Collection"

November 1999

Artists featured in the exhibition included Robert Arneson, Lesley Dill, Kara Walker, William Wiley.

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