Narrow Margins: 2011 KCAI Faculty Biennial

Now through Dec. 14, 2011

Cyan Meeks, Driftwood, 2010, HDV

The Artspace presents a biennial exhibition of works by faculty at the Kansas City Art Institute. "Narrow Margins" was organized by the Educational Outreach and Exhibition Committee of the Faculty Assembly and will introduce recent work by KCAI artists.

The artists featured in the exhibition will include: Corey Antis, Tim Brown, Kelly John Clark, Maura Cluthe, Kim Eichler-Messmer, Cary Esser, Julie Farstad, John Ferry, Jessie Fisher, Tyler Galloway, Misty Gamble, Jamie Gray, Erika Hanson, Diana Heise, Asma Kazmi, Michael Kidwell, Marty Maxwell Lane, Tom Lewis, Richard Mattsson, Steve Mayse, Karen McCoy, Cyan Meeks, David Steele Overholt, Brett Reif, Daniel Reneau, Miguel Rivera, Warren Rosser, Kate Sage-Lindholm, Jim Sajovic, Scott Seebart, Gary Sutton, Caleb Taylor, Liz Van Verth, Pauline Verbeek-Cowart and Michael Wickerson.

"2011 B.F.A. Exhibition"

April 15 through May 14

Untitled Basketball Drawing, Sean Thomas Blott

Artwork by candidates for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Kansas City Art Institute was on view in the “2011 B.F.A. Exhibition." Readings from the “Compendium 2011,” a compilation of writings by graduating seniors, took place on May 14.

With work installed throughout the Artspace — in the main gallery and also on the upper level — this invitational exhibition included work from most departments at KCAI, including animation, art history, ceramics, creative writing, digital filmmaking, fiber, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

"On Screen: Global Intimacy"

Feb. 5 through March 31

Andrew Dosunmu, “Kirk Krak,” 2004, one minute DVD, black and white, sound. © Andrew Dosunmu

Donna Kukama, “Not Yet (and nobody knows why not),” 2008, DVD, color, sound. © Donna Kukama

"On Screen: Global Intimacy" brought together 10 artists from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the United States whose works investigate the transnational reach of globalization. Working primarily in video, they project images that traverse national boundaries and highlight the confluence of cultures and technologies that mark our time. These artists engage globalism as lived experience, questioning tradition and modernity.

Guest curator: Tumelo Mosaka, organized by the Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois

Artists: Tiong Ang, Alex Hernandez-Duenas, Andrew Dosunmu, Achilleka Komguem, Donna Kukama, Mendi + Keith Obadike, Kambui Olujimi, Hank Willis Thomas and Fatimah Tuggar.

“On Screen: Global Intimacy” was organized by Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The exhibition and programming were sponsored by Frances P. Rohlen Visiting Artists Fund/College of Fine and Applied Arts; Illinois Arts Council; Krannert Art Museum Director’s Circle; Krannert Art Museum Council; the School of Art and Design Visitors Series; and the Center for African Studies (with support of the US Department of Education Title VI grant). Additional support for the exhibition was provided by the H&R Block Foundation and the Missouri Arts Council.


Exhibition essay by curator Tumelo Mosaka

Exhibition checklist

Artist biographies


Oct. 9 – Dec. 18

Akio Takamori

“(Re)Form” explored recent work by graduates of the KCAI ceramics program from the late 1960s to the present.

Curated by Catherine L. Futter, the Helen Jane and R. Hugh “Pat” Uhlmann Curator of Decorative Arts at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the exhibition included pieces primarily in ceramics that have been completed in the last two years and display a wide range of perspectives.

The artists invited to participate in the exhibition include well-known, mid-career and emerging artists who offer a variety of viewpoints — from the vessel and functional work to sculptures, installations and performance art.

Victor Babu, retired professor of ceramics, described the ceramics program at KCAI: “There was a nice mix of information pouring into the department. The students ended up, along with the faculty, in some kind of soup to which flavors were being added, and it got richer and richer and more complex."

“(Re)Form” demonstrates the diversity of artistic expression in KCAI’s vibrant ceramics program.

Dan Teran

As part of the exhibition, "Massys' Venus" by Terri Frame was performed and recorded at the Artspace in October 2010. 

Artists in the exhibition included:

Richard Carter (’85), Josh DeWeese (’84), Cary Esser (’78), Teri Frame (’06), Andrea Gill (’73), John Gill (’73), Chris Gustin (’75), Sarah Jaeger (’85), Maren Kloppmann (’93), Nathan Mabry (’01), Andrew Martin (’79), Nobuhito Nishigawara (’99), Richard Notkin (’71), Tia Pulitzer (’01), Bobby Silverman (’80), Jesse Small (’97), Paul Smith (’10), Chris Staley (’78), Justin Stewart (’03), Akio Takamori (’76), Irv Tepper (’69), Dan Teran (’07), Kurt Weiser (’72), Casey Whittier (’09) and Arnie Zimmerman (’77).

"2010 Kansas City Flatfile"

June 19 – Sept. 25

The “2010 Kansas City Flatfile,” featured two-dimensional artwork by Kansas City-based artists in media including drawing, photography, prints and mixed-media works on paper as well as time-based artwork in the “Videofile."

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