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Adult Non-Credit Studies 

Adult courses are designed for all students, regardless of skill level, who are ages 18 and up who posess an eagerness to develop their visual art and design skills! Three types of courses are offered throughout the semester: liberal arts, digital, and hands-on fine art studio courses. All schedules are accommodated daytime, evening and weekend course offerings. Two sessions of course start dates are offered each semester to allow students to easily enroll in multiple courses.

While taking our courses, you will be surrounded by peers in various stages of life who share a similar investment in their creative practice and eagerness to learn. Join KCAI Continuing Education for upcoming courses and you will find the most elevated and accessible fine art instruction provided by esteemed fine art instructors in Kansas City.

Mary says: "I retired 2 years ago and finally had time to spend on artwork. I have taken at least two classes a year. I have had terrific teachers, all professional artists who are enthusiastic and inspiring. I appreciate the sense of community that KCAI provides and the opportunity to work alongside fellow artists."

Conversational Art History

Conversational Art History, is perfect for lifelong learners aiming to become well versed in art history from a conversational perspective. This engaging, accessible and empowering environment encourages and inspires learners from all backgrounds! A core series of courses are offered ranging from the Ancient World to Contemporary in addition to complimentary electives each semester every year.  Additional community building opportunities are offered including visits to local, private collections, museums and an annual road trip to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. 

Core Courses include:

  • The Ancient World
  • Medieval through Renaissance
  • Mannerism through Realism
  • Impressionism through Surrealism
  • Modern and Contemporary 

Join the Conversational Art History community at the Kansas City Art Institute and discover your inner art appreciator! All courses meet for two hour sessions over the span of six weeks. Students are welcome to take courses in any order, completing the courses in chronological order is not required.

"This is a wonderful class. With little prior knowledge of art history, these presentations were exiting! I am stimulated to dig deeper into the context of art history. Well done!" -Student John in Medieval through Renaissance 

Non-credit Certificates

These programs are designed to guide adults in creative skill development and self-improvement in the visual arts. Continuing Education offers two non-credit certificates, the Studio Arts Certificate and the Digital Arts Certificate.


The Studio Arts Certificate is designed for students interested in studying fine art in a studio setting such as painting, fiber, sculpture and more.


The Digital Arts Certificate is for students interested in the digital studies of illustration, graphic design, photography, digital fabrication and more.


Students in both programs are provided structure and the opportunity to explore, express and develop their own visual languages. No prior art or design experience is required to enroll. Students can complete either program in as little as one year and at their own pace. Both certificates are ten courses long. Many courses circulate each session, providing flexibility for students to individualize their certificate. These certificates are non-credit, so students do not receive grades and courses will not be listed on a transcript.

Prior to enrolling in the program, students must complete a certificate application and submit a one-time $35 application fee. Fill out an online certificate application here

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Degree Courses for the Community

The community is invited to enroll in KCAI's degree courses during the summer (June and July) intersessions. Liberal arts courses meet Monday through Thursday and studio courses meet Monday through Friday. A variety of unique and exciting courses are offered that can't be found anywhere else. June and July options are posted with our summer offerings. See our current listings.

Adult art classes

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