Colleen Burner

"The Skin That Forms On The Surface"

"The Skin That Forms on the Surface," by Colleen Burner, is a digital reproduction of a collage, created specifically for the Artspace Project Wall and continues Burner's exploration of narratives in visual art.

October 2012 - June 2013

While studying at KCAI with associate professor of painting, Julie Farstad, Burner created a series of works for a course entitled "Finding the Narrative." Parlaying that assignment, she has since developed a process that filters and organizes found materials into convincing yet bizarre images. Her image repository, a select collection of cut-outs from old National Geogaphic magazines and books about the American landscape, fashion her approach as bricolage, ultimately creating a whole new fictional context for them.  She embracesthe qualities of punchline, joke and payoff by assembling impossible combinations of people, places and animals while directing a compelling storyline with multiple stand-ins. Here, we are invited to consider the functional action of the Great Hand pulling and removing "The Skin" thus revealing a subtle, surreal earthscape.

Colleen Burner is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute ('10, painting and creative writing). Burner’s work has been included in numerous exhibition spaces including The Monarch Gallery, Spray Booth Gallery, the H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Address Gallery in Champaign, Ill. Her writings have been read at the Fishtank Performance Gallery in Kansas City and published in "Number One" (volume 63), and the "Compendium 2010" (KCAI).

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Essay by Michael Schonhoff (PDF)