2005 Exhibitions

"Chicago Style: Imagery and Influence"

Aug. 6–Sept. 23

Curated by Heather Lustfeldt, assistant curator

A selection of work by artists from Chicago and work from the Chicago arts scene, which augmented and influenced successive generations of Chicago artists. This selection of work offered a taste of Chicago style, which is tied in part to the lasting influence and impact of the Chicago Imagists, a movement born in Chicago in the 1960s. Artists featured included Tony Fitzpatrick, Ed Paschke, H.C. Westermann, Robert Lostutter and Peter Saul.

"Good Work"

June 1–July 16

Curated by Brendan L. Meara, Artspace Block intern

This exhibition featured recent work by the artists who assisted Ghada Amer with the creation of her two large-scale paintings during her residency at the Artspace. Artists in the exhibition included Audra Brandt, Jennifer Boe, Callyanne Casteel, Erin Dahl, Peter Demos, Burak Duvenci, Heather Hendrix-Russell, Hadley Johnson, Lisa Kettlewell, Anna Meyer, Anne Muntges and Jaimie Warren.